Review: “Windows PowerShell 3.0 Step by Step” by Ed Wilson


Windows PowerShell

Disclaimer: This review is the beginning of a series of reviews I will be doing as part of O’Reilly’s Review Program.


The book covers a very interesting toolbox (of course it’s more than one tool!) that is growing and gaining momentum in the IT field. The book covers all the basic needed tools to get started using PowerShell. From simply managing a number of folder to working with Active Directory and managing exchange servers. To sum up the book in three words: The PowerShell Reference. I found the “After completing this chapter, you will be able to” and “Chapter X quick references” sections of the book a smart touch. It helps to know what should the reader expect and what the reader should have learned through the chapter. The exercises are broken up into several steps, each of which explain what that piece of script does and why it is there. The scripts are also explained thoroughly, something every coder appreciate. At the end of the book, you will face 7 appendices to guide the lost. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! I have already talked to a group of friends and classmates before I even reached the end of the book. It needs to be on the shelf of every IT person.

Let me clarify that I am not a professional IT, yet. I’m a sysadmin student at the moment. Choosing this particular book to review was a mix of pure luck and the consequence of the power of PowerShell with my instructor. Halfway through the book, I decided to take up a challenge. I decided to write a script that will delete entries from Windows registry. The goal was to delete the history list in the “Run” and “Remote Desktop Connection”. Sure enough, with the help of the book, and a little bit of Google on the side, I was able to do that.

Author: Ed Wilson, The Scripting Guy

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program

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